As a cosmetic chemist with experience in product development and innovation in the beauty industry, I am always trying to predict what is the next big thing. Since the dawn of time, we have reaped the benefits of adorning our skin and hair in natural oils. The Egyptians and Greeks did it, and now curly women everywhere cannot get enough of it! At the turn of the century, we started to see a big push for olive oil-based products. More recently, argan oil has been trending amongst some of the more popular brands, but we would not be true beauty enthusiasts if we were not already trying to get our hands on the next miracle beauty elixir. As I “insta-stalk” my favorite brands and peruse the aisles of Sephora, I have been noticing a number of brands starting to catch marula fever. 

So what is marula oil and how do you use it?  To get these answers visit my post on Naturally Curly.


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