After much suspense, Tyra Banks announced today the launch of her new cosmetics line Tyra Beauty: a cosmetics experience centered around Beauty, Business, and Badassery. (Her word not mine.) Her business model is similar to an Avon or Mary-Kay where women (and maybe men) have the opportunity to run their own business selling Tyra cosmetics.

IMG_5295 In the video, she touches on how she went to Harvard Business School to learn how to run this business.  However, after reading a few of the reviews, I noticed some backlash to her shoutin’ out Harvard in her launch video (watch it at  Some people think she was wrong to name drop because she paid to take a certificate program at Harvard, which is different than attending Harvard Business School for 2 years to earn a degree.  In her defense, she did mention the name of the program in the video, but others are calling her out for “frontin.”  Personally, I have no qualms with how she presented the information. And if she paid the money to attend that program and completed, then I feel like she has the right to leverage the Harvard brand name for whatever she builds from here on out.  I mean, it’s no Stanford or anything, but it’s still a pretty good school.  😉  And a Harvard business certificate is a lot more than what most of the people clowning her have.  I’m just saying.  But I digress…

I love the spirit in which this brand was launched, and it is definitely catered to a younger generation with its edgy packaging and pop theme song.  I see it as the Millennial Mary-Kay.  But it ties in the concept of beauty being a business, which I love. And beauty is definitely a business (a $426 BILLION global industry to be exactly).  The entrepreneur in me must support anything that pushes for female entrepreneurship in this space.  I genuinely love Tyra’s playful spirit and respect her as a model who has strategically leveraged her brand to be a mogul.  So kudos and congrats to Ms. Banks on her newest venture!

What do you think about Tyra’s new cosmetic line?

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