So for those of who watched my intro video when the site first launched or those who have been on my YouTube I said I was going to talk about parabens well here it is. Everything you need to know about parabens so you can make a firm decision about rather this is something you want or want to avoid in your hair and skin care products.

How many times have you walked into a store to buy your monthly dose of hair products, picked up a product off the shelf, and immediately turned it around to analyze the ingredient panel? It is probably second nature at this point!

It has been proven that ingredients are considered to be one of the highest determining factors when a consumer is deciding whether she will purchase a hair product. TextureMedia surveyed 6,000 women and found that 95% of coily consumers and 85% of curly consumers avoid certain ingredients in their hair care products, while only 64% of straight-hair consumers were this conscious.

Why has the naturally curly consumer been programmed to avoid the no-no ingredients like sulfates, silicones, parabens, and mineral oil, while other consumers seem unbothered? It seems like one blog post can turn any ingredient into public enemy #1 in a matter of days. I support consumers educating themselves about the products they use and consume, but it is important to consult reliable and fact-based information to make informed decisions. I believe it is part of my responsibility as a cosmetic chemist to present consumers with more fact-based knowledge and allow her to choose the path that makes sense for her lifestyle. Read more at


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