As a cosmetic chemist it is my job to develop quality products that meet the needs of a target consumer group. In order to accomplish this task, I make it my responsibility to understand every intricacy of a given consumer segment to create their “perfect product.” Now, I can make the most amazing product, but if I cannot convince the consumer of how amazing this product is, then nothing I create really matters. This is where marketing’s role is critical.

It is a marketer’s job to communicate the value of the product or brand to consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product or brand. If a consumer is not convinced of the value of a product, then it will just sit on the shelf and eventually fade into non-existence. This is why the relationship between the research & development (R&D) team (which usually consists of cosmetic chemists) and marketing is vital when creating innovative products that meet or exceed consumer expectations. So does the marketing team use science to make claims or science fiction to educate yourself of what’s fact or fairy tale read more at 


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